Monday, February 1, 2010

42. In Memoriam: The Dude

The Dude 1999-2010

Note/Update: To you that do not know, which is a fair number of you given the the confused emails/questions I've received, the Dude was a great cat/pet that a great friend of mine had since the date indicated above. The Dude left this plane of existence on the date of this post. To be honest he was the first pet since my childhood I cared about. He wasn't even mine. He was the pet of my great friend. This is a tribute to the Dude. And as part of that I changed the banner and link bar above to black. I'll change it back in a week of so.

Currently I have the great pleasure of having and caring for my own pets, namely Primo, Cindy, Gilda and Gene. I know I'll be a mess when any of them leave this plane of being. So, long story short:

To the Dude, he, like anyone or thing, will live on as long as we remember.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

38. Scary, Part 1

In case you missed it somehow, Michele Bachmann lead some conservative protesters to Capitol Hill last week. And of course Bachmann and Sean Hannity exaggerated the number of protesters that attended. Hannity even used footage from Glenn Beck's 9/12 protest to make it appear that more people attended last week than actually did. And Jon Stewart was there to hilariously call out Bachmann and Hannity:

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